About Project

The AMULET project focuses on advanced engineering of multiscale materials from subnanometer design to integration into functional architectures for use in numerous applications in electrical, medical and environmental technologies, including socio-economic impact assessment. These are Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), which are essential for EU competitiveness. Cross-disciplinary excellent research is carried out by a world-class team benefiting from extensive international synergies.

Objectives of the project

  1. To develop new applications in medicine and bio/nanotechnology by studying the interaction of biomolecules with industrially relevant advanced materials
  2. Development and implementation of new sensing concepts and platforms using 2D materials
  3. Development and implementation of catalytic photo(electro)chemical and chemical heterogeneous processes in gas and liquid phase for the removal of toxic substances and conversion of selected raw materials into value-added products 
  4. Development and implementation of hierarchical heterostructures and devices for flexible electronics, optoelectronics and mixed concepts for energy conversion and storage.